Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Canvas Fun

A few months ago when I cleaned my workroom and reorganized supplies, I came across two 6x6 canvases that I purchased 3(?) years ago or so. I had set them aside like I often do, and years later, they still sat in the package.  So a couple weeks ago, as a break from making cards, I pulled them out and decorated them with holiday patterned papers, stamps, acrylic paints, glass glitter, etc.   I'm no "pro" at mixed media, but it's sure fun to play with other mediums now and then!

Inspired by a couple of Tim Holtz' tags in his annual series for this year, I pulled out a remaining package of seasonal grungeboard shapes last week (the deer, holly branches, mini ornament, and the snowman), and finished embellishing the fronts.  I haven't decided whether I want to leave them as is for hanging, or attach something fun like a flat-bottomed doorknob on the bottom and a decorative element to the top and use them as tabletop decor. Just in case, I finished the backs with paper and paint, so I have the option to hang them for now, and can make them tabletop decor without having to change anything on the backs - they have a finished look.

A few of the details for the reindeer canvas:
-white German glass glitter was used here for the "snow" at the bottom of the canvas;
-the deer antlers are covered with bronze German glass glitter;
-after applying Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint over the painted holly branch (and letting it dry and crackle), I rubbed white acrylic paint over the crackles, then wiped off the excess, to emphasize the veins and add texture to the leaves;
-the lace edge stamp is by B Line Designs.

A few details for the snowman canvas:
-I copied Tim's technique of die-cutting the "25" into the snowman, and backing it with patterned paper and adding glossy accents to the top;
-after painting the snowflakes white and covering them with coarse clear glitter, I *lightly* dabbed on white acrylic paint over the dried glitter to give it a more textured look (don't cover all the glitter...just some of it);
-black German glass glitter covers the snowman's top hat.

And now, my little break is over...must get to wrapping some gifts!  Have a wonderful weekend...and if you're headed out to shop this weekend...well, just keep smiling and don't let the craziness take away your fun!  (And I will keep repeating that to myself, too! :)  )

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