Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's the nature of crafting...

As you're creating away, and the mojo is working like it should, you realize you're really liking the way things are turning out. (And why doesn't it happen this way every time? We'll talk "throwaways" another day.)  In fact, you like it so much, you're starting to reconsider if you just want to keep it around for a while and admire it...not give it away as was the original intent.  That's what happened with this card.

Logically, it's a small collection of papers and lace and ribbons and flowers, glued and attached together to form a single card. When it was all finished,  the emotion it evoked  (at least in me) was the exact feeling I hoped it would when I started pulling the supplies I wanted to use. I guess it's that Crafty Secrets vintage image that just made me think "awwww...so sweet."  

It came together naturally, and felt "right" when it was done. That doesn't happen with every card or project I finish. I like them all, but in varying degrees, depending on how much experimentation I did in the process, and how well those experiments turned out. More often than I'd prefer, the experiments either turn out very different than I imagined - good or not as good -  or they never see the light of day because they're (I have to admit this...) just really bad.

I did decide to put this card in the shop, and it's gotten its fair share of views and hearts, and I can only hope that if it does sell and go to a deserving home, it's one where it doesn't get tossed in the trash after a week or so. LOL

Vintage image & quote:Crafty Secrets 'Vintage Photos' set;  Cotton lace:Prima;   Pink paper:BasicGrey Sweet Threads collection;  Cream paper:BoBunny Gabrielle collection;  Pearl Flourishes:Prima;  Stamps & Edge Die: Papertrey Ink

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  1. So so sweet! You know who that reminds me of! I love that sweet little girl image. :) I could not sell it.


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