Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Only another crafter would understand my delight

I haven't had a project to post here for a week, since I'm working on a few projects that I can't post for a while, and the personal cards I've made haven't been sent to their new homes yet, so I don't want to risk the recipients seeing them here before they see them in their mailboxes.

However, I do have a fun thing to shout to the rafters.  I'm one of thousands of people who still enter contests for products I like knowing that other people will win them, and not me. But I like the products, and nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

This past weekend, my non-winner streak was happily broken by Spellbinders (click the link to read the details)... and yep, I still go to their weekend email, and now the blog, to make sure it's really me and I didn't make this up in my mind. If you scroll down past their blog post announcing the win, you can start to see all the die sets that are included in this's CRAZY FUN!

Only another crafter would understand my delight...

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  1. This is soooooooo exciting Kathy! SO SO EXCITING!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!


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